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Youth athletes and sleep

How Much Sleep Does a Young Athlete Need? The benefits of a good night’s sleep are widely celebrated. The average adult needs between seven and...

Let’s Play! sports offer more than just exercise for the body!

# 1 Research suggests that the simple act of play may protect some children from thelasting, negative effects associated with childhood trauma. Games, sports, and learning...

Birth Requires Team Effort

Who is the Coach? What is my Birth Plan Play Book? When it comes to your birth, you are the coach; you’re the one setting...

What’s in a Postpartum Plan?

What can bring the strongest, most independent, and self-assured woman down? A rough labour and delivery, perhaps some vaginal tearing, swelling, hormones at an...

Discover An Ocean of Opportunity, at Saltus.

 Learning is an adventure. Finding our voices and the courage to use them is part of it. Instilling confidence by pushing boundaries, opening doors...

From Darkness to Light: Pregnant While Diabetic

Author: Carla Zuill (BPM) Giving birth is one of the best experiences most women dream of. From hearing the baby’s heart- beat for the first...

My Pandemic Pregnancy I Never Saw Coming

As if pregnancy in and of itself isn’t enough of an anxiety provoking experience, imagine being pregnant during a global pandemic. When the initial shock...

10 Signs You Need A Break From Parenting

Author: Carla Zuill When you start calling your children by each other’s names—and they’re the opposite sex. I literally find myself pointing at times and...

Birth & Babies with Nurse Rita

Q: Will sex while pregnant hurt the baby? And if it doesn’t, when should we stop? A: It is perfectly safe to have sex...

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