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From Darkness to Light: Pregnant While Diabetic

Author: Carla Zuill (BPM) Giving birth is one of the best experiences most women dream of. From hearing the baby’s heart- beat for the first...

My Pandemic Pregnancy I Never Saw Coming

As if pregnancy in and of itself isn’t enough of an anxiety provoking experience, imagine being pregnant during a global pandemic. When the initial shock...

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding And COV-19

Pregnancy during a global pandemic is probably not what you were anticipating when you received the news you were expecting. While pregnancy is usually a very special time for a woman and her partner, going through this amazing process while facing concerns about COVID-19 carries new and unfamiliar challenges.

Women Empowered To Realise Their Dreams Through The Barbados Fertility Centre

Author: Shana Jones  The Perfect Family Fairy Tale, starring you. You had written this story and cast your perfect family in your early childhood. Most...

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