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4 Tips For Balancing Work & School

If juggling all your life balls was a hot mess pre-COVID-19, we can understand if you are overwhelmed and fraying at the ends as...

Picky Little Eaters

Author: Dakia O’Brien  Covid – 19 has had us all tap into our creative sides a bit more and I bet all of our screen...

Asthma and Coronavirus

Author: Open Airways  What should people with asthma know about the current Covid-19 pandemic.  First the good news, someone with asthma is not at a higher...

Picky Little Eaters: Eat The Rainbow

Author: Dakia O’Brien When we were in primary school, in home studies we were all taught the fundamentals of eating. Come on, you know that...

Caring For Your Child With Asthma During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Author: Tracy Nash, RN During these challenging times parents may have extra concerns if their child has asthma. The good news is that children with...

Prince and Princess Club

Author: Alicia Resnik  Air hockey tournaments, giant games of chess and scavenger hunts are just a few of the exciting activities offered at the Prince...

Immune Boosters For Kids

Sweet potatoes are high in beta-carotene, which studies have shown to increase the number of white blood cells and increase the activity of killer cells. Sweet potatoes are also a great source of vitamin C, which is another immune system enhancer.

Protecting Children Online

Author: Scars Bermuda  As parents and stewards of children, we have a responsibility to safeguard our children from sexual predators. Prevention should include monitoring a...

Fun With Beach Balls Without The Sand

Author: Tamisha Greene  I love when I’m challenged with creating over-the-top celebrations for clients. Creatively synchronising their overall design vision to the most intricate and...

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