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Parent Life TV Let’s Talk Sex Segment 2


Parent Life TV Episode 4 Let’s Talk About Sex Segment 1

Let's Talk about Sex is geared to parents with school age kids. Here we interviewed Elisha Huttick a Sex Educator and Jonea Paynter a Counselor. They give some great tips of how to use teachable moments to begin dialogue with your kids. Elisha also gives some of the myths teens believe about sex.

Parent Life TV Episode 3 Overweight Kids Seg 2

Dr Talbot a Pediatrician and Mellonie Furbert a Dietician from Department of Health speak about the issue of overweight kids in our community.

Parent Life TV Overweight Kids Seg 1

Davina Rawlins and her mom Juliette Darrell talk candidly about their eating habits and how they have become overweight. As well as how they are trying to reduce their weight and change her diet for her son

Parent Life TV Ep 1 Seg 2 Cont Child Sexual Abuse

Segment 2 of Child Sexual Abuse continues. Sheelagh Cooper, Jon Brunson and Debi Ray-Rivers talk about a sex offenders list. What it may look like if Bermuda had one. Do you think the public should know the names of sexual offenders?

Parent Life TV Ep 1 Seg 3 Child Sexual Abuse

Dr Philip Brownell discusses how sex offenders can be treated and rehabilited as well as whether children who have been sexually abused will go on to become sex offenders themselves.

How do I get my child to stop lying?

It may seem strange, but lying is actually a healthy part of your child’s development says parenting expert Ann Douglas. We provide some helpful hints on how you can get your child to stop lying.

Is there a way to make my child more outgoing?

When it comes to kids’ social skills, children develop at their own pace. If you feel like your shy child could benefit from being more outgoing, try these simple tips. Here are a few easy ways you can help your child interact with others.

How do I become a more patient parent?

When it comes to parenting, patience really is a virtue. But as every mom or dad knows, it’s not always easy. In this helpful video, we share why taking a little time for yourself can truly go a long way to becoming a more patient parent.

How to get your children to try new foods

Watch our video to help you to get your children to try new foods.

How to stop your child whining

When it comes to curbing your child’s whining, sometimes simply acknowledging his or her bid for attention is the best solution. Watch our video as we share this and other helpful advice.

How can I get my child to move faster in the morning?

A slow moving child can make morning tough for everyone. Here are some tips to help your family establish better morning routines.

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