10 Signs You Need A Break From Parenting

Author: Carla Zuill

  1. When you start calling your children by each other’s names—and they’re the opposite sex. I literally find myself pointing at times and saying: “Not you! The one standing beside you!”
  2. When you cannot find your car keys, no matter where you swear you put them, and they end up being at the bottom of your bag.
  3. When you include ketchup in your child’s meal and feel it satisfies the recommended daily dose of vegetables.
  4. Can’t find the dishcloth? Look in the fridge, it’s always in there! On the second shelf. Don’t ask me why!
  5. You pretend you have to use the bathroom simply so you can check your Whatsapp messages.
  6. How many times a day does your child call you for something. When you can give a definitive answer, you clearly need a vacation.
  7. When you are more excited than your children that the first day of school has finally arrived!
  8. Ever sit in the car for about 30 minutes around the corner from your house, just enjoying the peace? Guilty!!
  9. When you hug your children goodbye and you are grinning from ear to ear, but you make sure they cannot see you. Then you hop in the car and find yourself singing to your teen’s favourite song that you told them earlier was horrible.
  10. If you haven’t experienced at least five of these feelings, do not despair, you will. And that’s when you know you’re actually doing a fantastic job at parenting!

Our editor is the mom of a 19, 14, and 10-year-old who keep her happily insane on a daily! BPM

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